Various Artists – Metaphysix, II: Rhythm

COVER ART LVX007The Metaphysix series intends to provide chosen artists with a theme to develop a composition around. Ultramajic boss Jimmy Edgar explains that “reality is based upon thought systems and this is the core of music and vibration, each chapter of the series we will give these ideas to the artists for them to interpret in any way they choose.” The first in the series was called Mentalism. The follow-up, due to be released on the 21st of April, is to feature the concept of Rhythm, and the results are what you’d expect of you hand a prominent group of dance producers this theme… Lots and lots of Drums.

Lando Kal, who is only known as Lando on this release, is the most adventurous on this release with Loveplay. Pitched toms tap out a melody over some seriously sinister pads as a vocal sample intermittently interjects with “want you to love me too” and I would hazard a guess that there would be some love if this came on at 3am through a big clun system. The San Franciscan no doubt finding a natural equilibrium with his new home, Berlin. Matrixxman features twice on this compilation, bringing his distinct minimalist production to Stop it and Simulation. Although the latter is nothing more than a drum machine pounding out different rhythms, Stop it, does venture into other elements. A 303 bass-line fits nicely next to the 808 programming and a pleasing development takes place throughout the track all tinged with a Acid feel. A legato pad and a vocal sample only occasionally steal your attention way from the Detroit-like production.

This chapter in the series of Metaphisix features a very minimalists approach from all its artists and it is no wonder Night-slugs boss, L-Vis !990, features here too as Dance System. He strips down he’s heretofore, minimalist approach even further for RZ1, a pugnacious drum track beating out a developing rhythm ready to progress any DJ-set into its next phase. I am not sure if this was the intention, but it would work great as a DJ tool.

This chapter in the Metaphisix series continues seamlessly from the first chapter, bringing more nightclub-friendly tracks to the already essential catalogue of Ultramajic. Stop it and Loveplay are the highlights and have no doubt already started making the rounds in many DJ sets. It would have been great to hear other rhythmic elements on RZ1 but at least the producers involved didn’t get too caught up in the concept. Their delivery has certainly achieved the desired effect.