Various Artists – Some Things Rise

Some Things Rise is a very suggestive title for a compilation, considering it features some of the more established names in the world of modern House and Techno with Sei A, Scuba and Locked Groove locking down three quarters of the release. In the way that is Life and Death, the release ventures into the dark melancholia of the deeper end of club music, with sweet melodies counteracting the severe functionalism of the bass and beat. Sei A’s Hyper Venom, stands out with a chiming arpeggio and a bass end that loves to distort through the filter of the moog-like synth, perpetuating Boyd Rice’s line from Silence is Golden: “…and then all the thumping and bumping and pounds, would come out forever like pretty bird sounds.” Locked Groove and Scuba turn in two tracks that are concurrent with recent releases from the Hotflush contributors, as Scuba moves into progressive tech territory with a sound that often emphasises the resonating squeak of a mislaid acid motif. But it’s Alex Do that most justifies the EP’s title, marking his second only release, and although it ventures into similar territory with the uplifting melodies and the regimental rhythms that have come before it, Rising seems somewhat out of place amongst the other tracks. It features a sound that’s much thinner and looses much of the excessive pomp established by the preceding tracks and encapsulates everything that is the life and death label today. It’s something of an anti climax as a result and seems more of a calculated move from the label to introduce a new artist to their line-up. It does however do little to distract from the brilliance of Sei A’s opener and the infectious mood it sets, making it irresistible to withstand the instinct to play it again.