Velvit – Be So cruel

Wispy vocals dripping with the sexual innuendo of Tiga are very much the focus of Darren White’s debut as Velvit. Formerly dBridge, White’s production on this release for 17 steps is forged in the vacuous chambers of a big room techno and house, with the artist’s vocals bridging the gap between the machine and its audience. Be So Cruel is a refined dance floor adventure with White displaying the professional touch he’s refined over the years as his Drum and Bass moniker in slick controlled kicks that explode alongside the bass-focussed progression. Velvit is crafted in the same moody landscape of White’s music as dBridge, with the title track languishing in melancholic dark spaces of the artist psyche, while No excuses sheds some light on the situation with charming marimba melodies counterpointing the slow drawl of Steve Spacek’s vocals. White is never too far away from his roots on this EP as Be So Cruel and closing track, South of your Soul can stand testament too. Both tracks are often inclined to venture into the basement of the frequency spectrum, anchoring the beats in low lying sub bass foundations, and while this only emphasises the former’s focus on a big rig club sound, South of your Soul channels it into obscure electro stylised beats from a capricious dimension. White returns to vocal duties on the final track and cement’s a particular sound for Velvit on his debut, a sound where categorisation is often negated in favour of style. Be so Cruel is three dance floor focussed tracks laden with the sensual touch of R&B that the vocals bring to the table.