Watch: Benjamin Finger – Distance of a Shadow (Ghostflowers)

The creative polyglot, Benjamin Finger returns in 2017 with a brand new album Ghost Figure and as a pretext to the upcoming release via Oak Editions, he has shared the first single and video taken from it album.


Distance of a Shadow (Ghostflowers) follows the eccentricities of 10, Finger’s last album, with a subtle piano work of great melancholic beauty. A simple arpeggio creates hauntingly magnificent harmonics, which cascade against the various concrete sounds to be found in the background. Finger’s direction of the video, expounds on the horror film characteristics of the music with grainy 8mm film cutting to various assemblages, quite often featuring a piano. Its a mere minute and a half long, but does well to introduce the upcoming album with some sense of anticipation. 

*You can read an interview with the artist from last year here