Watch: Matmos – Ultimate care II Excerpt Nine

Matmos, last night unveiled yet another video featuring an excerpt from their new album Ultimate Care II. This excerpt is the most aggressive we’ve heard the Baltimore duo on this release, featuring earth- shattering percussion and the malfunctioning noises of an appliance during it’s last spin cycle for eternity. Yes, like the rest of Ultimate Care II, this clip is the consequence of Drew Daniels and MC Schmidt using a washing machine as their creative voice with all the samples gathered from the machine’s auditory working expletives and it’s natural percussive timbres.

On this occasion Matmos have enlisted the help of L.Inc’s Ed Apodaca and Lisa Berghout for the imagery and what we find is a moving collage of stills whose reaction is dictated by the movement of the composition. Berghout says their “focus was around creating pastoral, aerial and clothing scenes inside front and top loaders that will move and or fall apart with the spinning of the machine, generating a surreal take on washers and their uncanny movement.” You can watch the full video below.