Watch: Matmos – Ultimate Care II Excerpt Three

Ahead of the official release of Matmos’ next album, a video has emerged, with an excerpt from the 38 minute continuous LP. The music is immediately evident as that which comes  from the inventive minds of Drew Daniels and MC Schmidt. The pair once again find the humorous in the banal, and have made the washing machine the source of all our entertainment in the music and the images. Ranging from overt paraphiliac imagery – including some scenes of people urinating on the appliance – to kitsch nineties computer generated images, the video is as playful as the music. It spumes and glitches across the timeline, like some schizophrenic children’s mobile and although the sources of the samples are often obvious as that from a washing machine, Matmos turn the everyday noises into something inherently theirs.  The video precedes the release of the LP  by a couple of weeks. Watch the video below.