Weber – Zwei

Weber’s aptly titled Zwei is the second instalment form the German-based producer on the Holger label, where his two-piece band Webermichelson have made a comfortable home for themselves. Zwei is a natural continuation from Eins, if the titles had not made this obvious, with Phillip Weber furthering his foray into the experimental sounds of Krautrock and electronic dance music, with compositions that take from the improvised sound palette of the former and often transposes it to the song structures of the latter. Skit and Dr. Clapper are the most obvious examples of this at work, but while they both play in the repetitive nature of dance music, it is the way they interpret the genre that holds the key to their intrigue. It’s a removed view of the dance floor, from the perch of a conductors chair, where the beat is almost an accidental occurrence. The Bug showcases the compositional tendencies of Weber more clearly as the alluring pop song, with its mournful vocals heading up the charge around the simple song structure and the progressive sounds design. Its this progressive nature that is displayed more flagrantly in B1/Warten, a 12 minute song where a moaning synthesiser improvises its way into a skittish dance track. Weber’s Zwei is a very interesting fusion of progression and familiar forms, one that endears as much as it intrigues and we look forward to Drei.