xxxy – Goldfish

There are certain artist-label relationships that just seem to work better than others. They feed off each other in an infinite loop of creative stimulation that transcends their business relationship and create something truly special and unique. Aphex Twin’s tenure on Warp is an example from the past while Lee Gamble’s current residency on PAN could be considered the most recent case in point – more on that later. This only really happens on indie labels. The close-knit communities they create within their ranks rouse these truly fruitful moments and I believe this is exactly what happened when xxxy (Rupert Taylor) and Doc Daneeka’s Ten Thousand Yen started working together. Their latest collaborative 12”, Goldfish is my case in point.

It takes the baton from the last release this partnership worked together on and we can immediately discern an evolution along its lines. Mr.Taylor has evaded the disruptive syncopated percussion rhythms for a more straight forward electro beat and while it achieves an almost instantly gratifying dance incarnation on the title track, the listener would still be able to discern a distinctly xxxy creation as a menacingly incessant synth sequence works alongside some prominent percussive programming. If you are still not convinced and might be considering an inclination towards a tow-the-line attitude form the artist, the busy claps around the break will soon alleviate you of that thought.

Things cool down a bit on the B-side, with a bit of a hands-in-the air moment coming by way of Evade. It has similar texture to Progression off the last release, but it’s peppered with some very euphoric moments by way of an uplifting synth sequence that reaches the upper echelons of the frequency spectrum along with a bit of noise thrown in for good measure. It offers an excellent contrast to the darker tones of its predecessor on the A-side.

This 12” was exactly crafted for the dance enthusiast from two opposing points of his nocturnal activities and anyway you look at it, it clearly belongs in a busy nightclub. Whether you need that one track that will incite a riot on a dance floor or a more euphoric incarnation to intersect that moment, xxxy has delivered both on this 12” with Goldfish and Evade respectively. I hope this xxxy -TTY relationship is only in its infant stages, because if this is the scene a mere three releases in, I can’t wait to hear what’s next.