Yssue – Cycle

The tagline for the US-based digital label, Beer on the Rug reads “Record Label and Fun Machine” – a sentiment that runs right through their artwork all the way to the music. Never before has a tag-line for a record label ever rung so true and after our late introduction to the label, via Suryummy, we’ve made it our purpose to take a peak at everything that comes our way bearing the Beer On the Rug stamp. And as fate would have it we didn’t need to wait long for the next instalment in the label’s already vast catalogue. Following on the back of Suryummy’s Genesis Clarity, we have Russian upstart Yssue with his debut EP Cycle arriving via the US label.

Yssue perfectly captures the mood of the label, with an EP that’s playful, yet reinforced by a serious musical talent. The artist’s musical ability stands out from the opening bars of the opening track Guaymas with a latticework of textures slowly pulsing through the stereo field as it eases its listener into the music and he carries it through each track of the four-track EP. There’s a bit of that DIY aesthetic, redolent of the whole culture surrounding Bandcamp, with frayed edges of dusty noise sparkling at the top end of the tracks, but more than that it decentralises music culture where singular genres and aesthetics are negated for a more inclusive collage. On Cycle Yssue draws on elements of dub, body music, and even psytrance, moulding these elements together in music that plays rather than functions.

Yssue’s impulses are towards more ethereal constructions, with ambience playing an important role in his beat-driven music. Pads and transient delays float around subliminal percussive textures, every part finding a space within each piece of music, with the artist’s professional touch guiding them effortlessly in to place. Although there’s a serious musical investment by the artist, Yssue manages to uphold the playful nature of the label’s motto and like Suryummy before him, there’s very little that will alienate its audience. With that, we’ll wait patiently at the edge of our seat, to see what both Beer on the Rug and Yssue will produce next.