55: Crafoord, Flø & Van der Loo – Live Modular set

Robin Crafoord | Asbjørn Blokkum Flø | Ernst van der Loo (live modular set)

It begins as a blank canvas, a realm of endless possibilities. An incipient creation where void and everything exists at the same time, fertile with a nascent artform existing between the trilogue of creative concept, performer/artist and spectator/listener. Encouraged by the work of Robert Rauschenberg and John Cage, three modular synth artists update the rhetoric first approached by works like 4’33” and “White Painting”, looking for a way to re-contextualise it in the present through sound.

Robin Crafoord, Asbjorn Blokkum Flø and Ernst van der Loo use the blank canvas as abstract concept, from which they will embark in creating a wholly unique, improvised work from the more obscure possibilities of a modular synthesiser.

Robin Crafoord is an electronic music artist and DJ best known for his work as one half of Trulz and Robin. He’s an active performer of live electronic music in Oslo, and has worked with everybody from Bugge Wesseltoft to Vinny Villbass, and hosts and participates in a monthly improvised electronic event series known as SYNC.

Asbjørn Blokkum Flø is a composer, musician and sound artist with focus on electronic music and sound art.His work is interdisciplinary and operates on the intersection between art and music, treating sound both as acoustic communication and pure timbres.As language and abstraction.

Ernst van der Loo is a Dutch composer and sound artist residing in Oslo, Norway since 2014.His work consists of complex structures generated by means of electronic feedback processes and extreme transformations of sound materials. His works are predominantly fixed media pieces and works for live electronics.