55 presents UFO Lounge

UFO Lounge (Kolbjørn Lyslo & Per Martinsen)

Per Martinsen (Mental Overdrive) and Kolbjørn Lyslo (Doc L Junior) land their UFO lounge at Hærverk. Charting the outer dimensions of electronic music with a special back to back set, the two Norwegian stalwarts, forego bland functionalism of the dance floor in a grand narrative of electronic music from Ambient to Techno in a hybrid DJ set with an emphasis on atmosphere.

Mental Overdrive and Doc L Junior have had longstanding internationally acclaimed careers with releases on the likes of R&S, Full Pupp, Sex Tags, Paper Recordings and Smalltown Supersound and with a combined presence that stretches to furthest reaches of electronic music’s dimensions.

For this one-off event in the intimate space of Kafé Hærverk they will be tapping into their most exploratory moments. From Doc L Junior’s Aedena Cycle project for Apollo records to Mental Overdrive’s new ambient/experimental album Wave∞Form on Senja Records, UFO Lounge is set to go where no man has gone, taking us from the early evenign to the bossom of the night.

* This is a daytime event in a limited capacity venue, so make sure to get there early to avoid dissappointment.