55 with Stian Balducci & Hilde Marie Holsen (Live Ambient set)

Stian Balducci & Hilde Marie Holsen (Live Ambient set) | K3 (Ambient DJ set)

If a tree falls in the woods does it make it a sound? Irrevocably, yes. At what point can we distinguish that sound from its origins and at what point do we interpret the objectified sound as ambient music?

Stian Balducci (aka +plattform), along with Hilde Marie Holsen will attempt to answer this question, combining elements of acoustic instruments and live electronic processes in the context of a live ambient set for an audience in Jæger’s intimate basement space with DJ support by K3, setting the tone with an exclusive ambient set.

Stian Balducci is a musical avant gardist whose work goes from the cavernous Techno of his +plattform alias to his ongoing academic pursuits as one of Norway’s leading lights in experimental electronic music. He presents the future of innovative music in this country and further abroad with ties to the Kristiansand Conservatory and the improvised musical collective and festival Punkt. Stian Balducci’s performances are evocative adventures into opaque regions of music, where he finds a new language in improvised music through electronic means. He captures a sense of the future as he manipulates acoustic sources in the electronic realm, operating in a void where new textures and sonic languages gestate. For this first edition of 55 at Jæger we’ve asked Stian to look to an ambient dialect with Hilde Marie Holsen set to join him on stage.

Hilde Marie Holsen, like Stian Balducci, represents the future of improvised and innovative music in Norway. Her debut album ASK was received with critical acclaim and it presented to the world a sound born from the innocent articulation of the trumpet manipulated in the eternal expanse of experimental electronics. She presents a dialogue between the history of improvised music and its future, calling on a sonic dialect that thrives in darker corners where sombre overtones and foreboding atmospheres dominate.

We’ve also asked DJ duo K3 to open the evening with a DJ set. K3’s combined record collection stretches the history of electronic music and beyond, and we’ve asked them to select a few choice ambient records to set the tone for an evening of something a little different.

cc: 55 kr