Atom™ and Tobias to release live set

It’s been 25 years since when Atom™ and Tobias first revolutionised the live recording format with the prodigious “Elektroniikkaa – Live in Helsinki and Montreux”. It was Techno’s first release of the sort and one of the few live recordings to ever make it into a recorded format since. Today, it is more relevant than ever as more producers and DJs venture into the domain of live performances, and it’s about time the originators steak their claim with a follow-up to that critical release and that’s exactly what they did. An extended live set, recorded in Berlin last year will be released via AtomTM_Audio_Archive in November, with the label offering a preview of the release through some excerpts.

Recorded in the German city’s most established and secretive dance institution, it’s most likely to be the first and last recording, of any nature, to make it out past those formidable bouncers at the door. The impressive six hour set, has been generously cut down to five hours and features another first for Techno as the label have managed to squeeze it all on one extended wav. file. The excerpts tell a story of a Techno set that moves from acid and vocal samples to deep oppressive layers of industrialised sounds, and it will be interesting to hear how the full live set carries itself outside of the context of a club.