Darkroom Contemporary and Mischa Mathys announce We, the transposed.

Darkroom Contemporary and Mischa Mathys (The Formant) have announced a sound installation/performance work that looks to delve further into the question of what it means to be a South African today. We, the transposed will feature found sounds from the city of Johannesburg’s diaspora communities, re-interpreted in the context of a sound installation, while Darkroom contemporary interpret the results in movement. The sounds, which will be taken from the inner city’s unique migrant populations, will be dedicated to specific points within the performance venue, where a composition will unfold on the spatial plane, reacting with the listener as s/he moves within the space. Darkroom Contemporary will accompany the result with a specially improvised dance performance that will take place on specific occasions while the installation is up at Beautiful Life | Youngblood gallery in Cape Town before it moves on to Hazard in Johannesburg, with dates yet to be confirmed for March 2016.

The work will take place in the shadow of the recent xenophobic attacks taking place in South Africa and the Mediterranean disasters, with Johannesburg’s unique existence as a city made up completely of migrants, offering a springboard to questions of cultural identity. To assist with getting the work realised, We, the transposed have launched a Thundafund campaign, which also hopes to bring the work to Europe in the near future, with Oslo, it’s first port of call. Rewards include a ticket to an exclusive performance, lunch with the artists involved and a special digital recording of the first event. You can stream a video for the campaign now and make your contribution here while reading more about the work.