DJ Fett Burger releases debut LP

Thank U 4 Letting Me Live My Life (B.G.F.D.F.R) is out on Mongo Fett this November.

Sex Tags affiliate, and Moss music iconoclast, DJ Fett Burger surprises with news of his first solo long-player. The DJ and producer, whose music and sets collate around the fringes of club music, has established a legacy on wax alongside brother and collaborator Sotofett under the all-encompassing Sex Tags enterprise.

With a DIY approach to producing and making records, DJ Fett Burger has played a significant role in bringing attention to the more progressive and off-beat approaches to club music that fall beyond the entrenched borders of House and Techno in Europe.

Between the label and the sub-labels and Fett Burger’s individual work, the combined work traverses the great expanse of club music from Dub to Techno. We’d expect nothing less from his debut LP. While he’s no stranger to the LP format, having collaborated with Stiletti Ana and DJ Speckg├╝rtel on 358 Men and Red Scorpions respectively in the last two years alone, this will be the first time the artist and producer will feature solely on the extended format.

“Always weird, never straight,” reads the accompanying press release. “A free flowing creative record with no compromise in mind, and never predictable. A genre spanning experiment within the strict frame of DJ Fett Burger’s aesthetics. Deep, personal and wonky, with a psychedelic and emotional touch. Always looking back to move forward!”

Snippets of the release reveal intense arrangements that swirl and eddy through miasmic textures, where elements of Disco, Acid, House and even Bubblegum reveal themselves in a balearic mood.

The record is out on Fett Burger’s Mongo Fett imprint on the 20th of November.