Fredfades & Jawn Rice – Luv Neva Fades

Mutual Intentions has been facilitating the expansion of bass music in Oslo since establishing the collective over five years ago. Digging deep through the annals of Disco, Soul, House and Hip Hop, MI have nurtured artists like Ivan Ave, hosted parties like the first ever Boiler Room in Norway and brought out records from the likes of Fredfades and Jawn Rice. Although they made their mark with nu-soul and Hip Hop records, they’ve been erring on the side of House recently and yet like the proverbial “luv” on this latest record, Mutual Intentions’ intrigue and appeal refuses to fade. 

Frefades and Jawn Rice come together again for the sophomore effort from the two leading lights on the mutual catalogue. After last year’s summer highlight, “Jacuzzi Boyz,” the duo step out of the jacuzzi and into the sauna with a steamy sequel that perpetuates the warmth of their debut, establishing their objective on the dance floor across six tracks, with all but one featuring an outside influence in the form of a guest artist. 

Whispers of analogue hiss blow through arrangements where Fredfades and Jawn Rice coax sultry grooves and languid themes from the deepest echelons of House music. Expert key work from Arthur Kay and Byron the Aquarius, lays the template for a nostalgic mood, going back to a time where House music’s origins intertwined with elements of Soul and Jazz. It’s the dyad of the opening two tracks that sets the tone for the record, with Javonntte’s wistful vocals on the title track and Kay’s leisure suite keys on “Arthur” easing into a record that swings in forlorn contemplation in the shade of a palm frond. 

Resonant 303s and flinty synths emerge from the undulating waves of deep bass, relieving the stoic rhythms of their duty which thrives in dusty kicks and percolating hats. Mood is the precursor to the record, and together Fredfades and Jawn Rice have landed upon a captivating mood on this record, one that expounds and fine tunes what they’ve already achieved on their debut.