Lil Silva – Drumatic

Lil Silva‘s heavy print is all over his newest EP on Good Years Recordings even before the first ‘Lil Silva’ name drop features. The opening cut and title track chimes in with a muffled kick and a cow bell slow on the attack, all building tension to that inevitable moment when the bottom end drops out and the rhythmical barrage begins to flow. True to its name Drumatic,the track is made of busy percussive parts with a kick that just mows anything down in its path while the filter bass supplies the catchy hook. It’s cut from the same cloth as those first Night Slugs releases that endeared us to the London-based producer at the start of his career, but at the same time it also establishes something of a fuller controlled sound than those first few releases. The focus still falls very much on an pliable rhythm section that offers a continually changing and interesting landscape for the listener to get lost in to on the dance floor. New Squeeze uses some funk-inspired synthesisers while that all-to-familiar sub-bass drawl sticks to the bottom of everything often refusing to let go. Lil Silva shows a mastery of the drum machine throughout this release and can’t be summed up better when the 808 kick on New Squeeze pitches up during the end of one particular phrase to mark the end of a percussive crescendo. If the title of the EP wasn’t a dead give away of what to expect from this EP, the closing track 606 will definitely drive the point home. Drumatic is built from the drum machine up and it’s astonishing what Lil Silva can wrestle out of the instrument at times during the EP. It’s a captivating collection of songs from start to finish in true Lil Silva style.