Matmos unveil new album Ulimate Care II

Matmos, the modern-day purveyors of  readymade music have announced Ultimate Care II, an album that sees the duo appropriate their washing machine as a musical instrument with a tongue and cheek delivery in which the “quintessential sounds of everyday life is transformed into an unlikely source for a surprisingly listenable suite of music” according to the label, Thrill Jockey.

“Dan DeaconMax Eilbacher and Sam Haberman of Horse LordsJason Willett (Half Japanese), and Duncan Moore (Needle Gun) all took part, either playing the machine like a drum, processing its audio, or sending MIDI data to the duo’s samplers” and you can hear a short extract of the result in the above clip. As ever Matmos bring a dry sense of humour to their work, manipulating the ordinary for the sake of amusement without the distilling the gravitas of the music. “Ultimate Care II swirls with perverse paradox: it is at once funny and sad, bouncy and creepy, liquid and mechanical.” says the label and although that remains to be heard, it’s the least we could expect from what happens when Matmos samples a washing machine.