Om Unit – Torchlight Vol.1

Om Unit makes his solo first appearance on his own Cosmic Bridge Records, with a sound that is inherently Om Unit. The UK producer continues his explorations in the breakbeat, from the perspective of the 160BPM  platform, while venturing into the vast electronic possibilities of the future for Torchlight Vol.1. The half-time approach retards the unruly speed of machine-gun snares, delivering a fluid execution, as sustained kicks and square bass signatures roll over the listener like a wave. There are noticeable nods to the history of soundsystem culture from the UK with everything from dubstep to jungle making an appearance in the 5-track effort – bass veteran Digital even puts in an appearance. Om Unit is said to have moved further out of the box he’d helped create for himself on this EP, and there’s a notable focus on stripping everything back, letting the elements breath between the spasmodic rhythmical assaults from the percussion. On Wagonist Riddim and the Digital collaboration, Midnight Oil, it leaves room for infectious grooves that bounce as much as the sway. Midnight Oil’s brief penchant for an acid motif sticks out as a point of interest but like everything OM Unit touches, there’s a moody temperament behind the music. At its most impressive, it closes the album out with Demons Cut. The same slow moving square wave that opened Wagonist Riddim is back and it is accompanied by the ghostly harmonic movement of a female voice in legato, filling the air with the solemn reverie as the EP draws to the close, and brings with it much speculation as to what Volume 2 might contain.