Peder Mannerfelt – III

Peder_Mannerfelt-Credits-Gustaf von Arbin 1Peder Mannerfelt has concluded his trilogy of EPs on his eponymous label, with III, what else. The last release in the series is said to to be inspired by Mannerfelt’s early clubbing experiences in Sweden and his failure to “work out how to ever make music that carried the same emotional and physical impact as I felt on that dance floor.” But if you are expecting five dance-floor tracks that achieves that here, you’ll be barking up the wrong tree with III. The EP’s explorations on the subject are far more obscure than anything as simple as a four on the floor kick with the ubiquitous drop coming in the sixteenth bar. Mannerfelt instead attempts to recreate the feeling through the elements that illicit this feeling, dropping clues to these in the track titles. You’ll be foolish if you’d expect an actual ‘drop’ during Acid Drop, but the track works well to create the tension of an antecedent phrase in dance music for a full four minutes. It never quite reaches the epochal moment, but rather tricks the listener into this tentative emotive state, before just ending abruptly.

Most of the EP comes across as quite personal expressions, with the listener a passive bystander, as Mannerfelt tries to express various aspects of dance music. Whether it’s the feeling of his early youth at dB at Holger or just his idea of what makes dance music work with something simple as an arrangement of a Word Clap Bass, Peder is quite competent at whittling the source of the effect down to its essential parts and its central appeal. But if Peder was looking to instil the same emotive state in the listener, it would be quite an ambitious pursuit. What does come across rather, is an EP that is inspired by these effects without ever trying to recreate them.