Tymbal Tapes launches label with three releases

inaugurate their newly established cassette label, Tymbal Tapes offers up three releases today via their bandcamp site. The first comes from writer David Moscovich. “David has been producing audio recordings for many years as well, combining live text cut-ups and modular synthesis with repeated and delay-effected phrases and phonemes.” When was Gandhi Gaddafi uses snippets of an interview to create a humorous narrative of syllables juxtaposed by a disturbing modular synthesiser grinding away at the textures beneath them.

Peter Kris makes his contribution through densely layered instruments and synthesisers whose delays wash over each other in a romantic gesture that appears to have strong social message at its core. Nunavut “exists in response to different, though sometimes related, people and places: shanty towns, impoverished neighbourhoods, those living in the margins of macroculture, united by proximity to wealth and power but struggling to simply make ends meet. May the music of Peter Kris serve as a respite, a few moments of joyous inspiration, to all who need a little more happiness in their all-too-fleeting private hours.”

And the Department of Harmonic Integrity round off this release series with a most impressive  climax to the set of releases. The Quudan evokes beautiful sonic landscapes through synthesised arpeggio harps that eventually fall off the cliff into drones and ambient atmospheres. “Lavishly appointed with the best midcentury consuetudes, the Dept. introduces husky cold war electroacoustics to the contemporary joys of perestroika, Industrial Light & Magic, feminism, and Vangelis. The retrofuture is now (or later).”